The Tokencheck

Where to start my blockchain journey? Is blockchain technology relevant for my business? How can I benefit from it? How will it impact my world?


What is It?

This workshop is designed for people who are actively considering to apply blockchain technology to improve their business. Industry experts will share the pitfalls and opportunities, in order for you to make quick and educated decisions.

>> 🏃 Quickscan & pressure cooker style
>> 🤷‍♂️ Fast answers to burning questions
>> 👩‍💼 Aligned legal frameworks & tokenomics
>> 👨🏽‍💼 Direct access to our blockchain specialists

Your challenge

Blockchain technology can be applied in many different industries and business domains. From tokenizing assets to the creation of a new digital economy. This is exactly one of the major challenges for many companies; where to start?

Our battle tested team delivers expertise to help you accelerate. They rapidly facilitate you ways to bring your ideas and unused potential to life.


What blockchain can do for you..

the fastest and most relevant way to your business with handpicked experts from various roles.


Jochem Verheul

Jochem has been a technology entrepreneur for the past 16 years. In 2009 he founded Itsavirus a software and interaction design company with clients like Heineken and Shell. Jochem created multiple successful ventures in the field of block-chain, AI and digital marketplaces since 2014. Jochem is an entrepreneur with a heart of tech.

16 years a tech entrepreneur

16 years a tech entrepreneur

Dennis Roelofsen

Dennis co-founded his first digital agency Momkai in 2002 at the age of 22 and moved on to solve strategy and design challenges for companies in Europe and China. Later he founded Yura Agency with a sole focus on helping technology companies to thrive and reach clarity. Dennis fulfills the role
of strategist and moderator during workshops.

“Strategy = Clarity”

“Strategy = Clarity”

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Some of the questions people have asked us in previous sessions:

What kind of tokenomics would fit my situation?
How do I choose a strategic market position using good tokenomics and legal structures?
Are blockchain and tokenization of (part of) my business good solutions to explore?
How would my business model change?
How might we build a specialized team towards achieving our goals?
How might we navigate through different consensus algorithms and governance models?
Which blockchain fits my purpose best and why?
Which exchange should I use?
How do we build a community for our use case?
How might we structure our tokensale?
What is the best strategy for our private sale and how do we handle investor relations in the blockchain space?
How do we choose our soft and hard cap?
Which documents do I need to start a tokensale?
What information does my whitepaper need to contain?